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What is the S.A.F.E. Mental Health campaign?

S.A.F.E Mental Health Services for WA stands for: 

ustainable and integrated with other services

ccessible in communities and hospitals

ully Funded in line with the WA Mental Health Plan

xcellent workplaces and care for the people of WA 

Sign up now to ask the State Government to commit to a SAFE Mental Health Service for WA.


Ahead of the state election, we are calling on the State Government to commit to:

  1. Provide urgent additional resources to Children and Adolescent Health Services (CAMHS) 

  2. Fully fund and implement the WA Mental Health Plan by 2025.

  3. Commission and fund research to establish safe and sustainable caseloads for mental health workers.

Who is the HSUWA?

The Health Services Union of WA is a specialised union that supports members who work in hospitals, health services, aged care, disabilities, imaging, pathology, private practices and allied health.

We are a growing union organising and campaigning for better pay, conditions and careers for our members.

If you are interested in joining, sign up on our main website.

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